A full range of contact coders are now available. These new printers are a direct replacement of the Codamark, Codapack & Codaprint contact coders.
Print on any surface including:
plastic, glass, metal, paper, board
  1. Codaprint Replacement
    This coder is used to apply identification marks, use by dates, recycle logos, customer product names etc onto material which is continuously moving, or indexing, and where a repeat print is required. ​Some typical applications are on extruded film, bag printing, steel sheets, plastic window extrusions, shrink wrap film, cardboard core windings, Gypsum board, edge pack board, backs of mirrors and paper.
  2. Codamark Replacement
    Clear and precise product marking achieved efficiently and economically with this Pneumatic Reciprocating Printer. Efficient printing of sell-by dates, prices and codes onto: - Plastic tubs - Foil lids - Cartons - Form flow packs - Glass bottles - Metal cans, etc. Top, bottom or side mounting Fast drying ink cartridges Automatic on-line or off-line systems The printhead is available in 3 different sizes : 24mm x24mm 37mm x 37mm 24mm x 48mm
  3. Codapack Replacement
    Simple and efficient these printers all use replaceable pre-impregnated Plastic-Ink Rollers and interchangeable Rubber Type. They are easily mounted to print on either the top, bottom or side of a product. These printers are widely used where zero down time is a necessity and lowest print cost per product is required. When only changing the code or best before date once a day or once a week, these printers are the best. Prints dates, batch numbers, contents and logos. - Uses replaceable plastic ink rollers - Prints on porous and non-porous surfaces - Prints cartons, shrinkwrap trays, sacks or continuous material - Quick change rubber types characters.
  4. Handstamps
    A range of handstamps are available either in plastic or with a wood mount. These can be supplied with red ribbed rubber for use with rubber type of any size or with fixed logos and with both dry and inked pads to suit different sizes.​​ ​ Large handstamps are available with a curved base to give better control when printing as well as a range of Trodat and Justrite self inking stampers.
  5. Codapack Hand Roller
    Codapack Hand Roller replacement These manual printing rollers are simple to use for printing cartons and other porous surfaces. Using Rubber type allows variable information to be set quickly. The disposable plastic ink rollers are available in black, blue, red or green and will last for many weeks. The model A and B are available with either continuous rotation as standard or with a spring return. Handroller Specification Model A Print Length 175mm Print Width 38mm Model B Print Length 175mm Print Width 75mm
  6. Codaprint Hand Roller
    Codaprint Hand Roller Replacement This manual printing roller uses fast drying ink in a sealed ink cartridge and is ideal for printing on to plastic and other non-porous surfaces giving a 3 second drying time. Black, Blue, Red, Green, White and Yellow are available including an ink suitable for printing onto porous surfaces. Handroller Specification Print Length 175mm Print Width 25mm
Contact Coders Consumables
  1. Rubber Type
  2. Ink for your Codaprint
  3. Plastic ink Rollers
  4. Transfer Pads
  5. Fibre Rollers
  6. Ink for your Codamark
Interchangeable rubber type for all Sauven contact coders:
  • Number and Letter sets available
  • Extensive range of type styles
  • Customised logos
  • Styles for all languages 
We supply ink cartridges for Codaprint printer in black, blue, red, green, white and yellow
Ink Cartridges are available in a range of ink types and colours to suit most surfaces.
Plastic ink Rollers are available in black, blue, red or green. We supply the full range of plastic ink rollers compatible with the Sauven printers.
Transfer pads are available either in sets or as individual pads.  We supply them with holes for maximum ink flow and without holes for minimum ink flow.
Fibre rollers are dry rollers suitable for use with inks for both porous and non porous surfaces.
Ink cartridges available in large and small pots to suit all Codamark printers together with reactivating ink and solvent

Colours: black, blue, red, green, white and yellow
A clean fast drying ink cartridge is fitted to the print head giving a drying time of seconds on most surfaces.