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    What type of ink do you offer?
    We have high quality controlled inks that are odourless and are not M.E.K based. The piezo technology used in the Foenix printers only needs a single sealed ink cartridge and does not require additional make-up solvent. This substantially reduces operating costs. We offer Oil based ink to print on porous materials (trays, carton, wood...) and solvent based ink to print on non-porous materials (metal, plastic, glass...)
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    What ink colour is available?
    Several colours are available: - Black Oil & Solvent - White Solvent only - Yellow Solvent only - Red Oil & Solvent - Blue Oil & Solvent More colours and special inks are available on request.
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    Can I print 2D barcodes?
    Yes, you can easily print 1D and 2D barcodes in High Resolution.
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    Can I print logo?
    Yes, you can load images on your message and print them in high resolution. The format must be .png, .jpeg or .bmp.
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    Is there maintenance contracts?
    No costly maintenance contracts. Foenix printers are manufactured with minimal components to give maximum reliability. No pumps, no valves, no compressed air, no droplet charging and no air filters mean very low maintenance.
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    What is the maximum print speed?
    You can print up to 100m/min. But for some messages containing very small text or barcodes the maximum print speed can be limited to 30m/min to get the best result.
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    Can I print on the top of a product?
    Yes, most of our printers have a remote printhead and you can technically print to any angle!
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    Can I print data from an external database?
    Yes you can. Foenix printers from the 1000 series can do complex applications. Those printers can print external data from an external device like a barcode scanner for example. They can also print data from a PC and it is possible to load a .csv file directly on the printer using an USB stick.
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